One Month To Go--Training/Caddie Update!

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Training has been going well! I manage to get in three to four runs a week plus a round or two of golf! As we close in on the hike date it is now time to make one last push for pledges for Champions Committed to KIDS! I have just over $3,000 pledged to date minus any bonus pledges and still have hopes of reaching $5,000! Let's all pledge a little for a great cause and make this happen!

I also have a second caddie to introduce who has so willingly volunteered to help Tegan on this day. Fellow 100 Hole Hiker Brandon Urban recently told me that the caddies have the hardest part of the day long journey. Tegan and I have found some caddie support with her uncle, Jerry McInerney, willingly volunteering to go along and lug my bag around!

Over the years Jerry and I have enjoyed many rounds of golf on the two golf courses at Dismal River. Both of us, along with family and friends, make the 8 to 10 hour drive to Mullen Nebraska to play these uniquely challenging golf courses.

Jerry has volunteered to carry my clubs for 100 of the 150 holes that day. The 100 holes is equivalent to 35 miles, while carrying a 15 pound bag of clubs. Jerry is also assisting in the fundraising efforts and will be a key part of my success, as long as he doesn’t provide golf advice.

We are just one month away from our hike date of June 19th. Let's make one big final push for Champions Committed to KIDS!

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Matt Elliott

Dismal River
June 19, 2017
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