To One Hundred-and Beyond?!?!

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Only 16 days away and unfortunately my practices for the hike have been very few and even further in between! No golf since last blog and only four rounds to date in 2014. As I read the other hiker posts in the base camp, I realize that not only am I one of (or the) worst golfers participating, but also least practiced. Maybe the two go hand in hand? Maybe I could sell my wife on that theory? Hopefully as school winds down, my practice can ramp up. Maybe I will get some inspiration by watching the Pros live next week at the Traveler's in Cromwell.
I also understand that the HHH is not about being a scratch golfer but more about believing in the charity that you are supporting. As I approach my sixth Father's Day, I am aware that I have all of the blessings that one could ask for in life. A great job, the best friends a guy could ask for, a large-supportive extended family, an amazing wife, and two happy (most of the time) and healthy little girls. Knowing that everyone else is not in the same situation that I am makes me want to help. The Make A Wish Foundation is an amazing organization that grants the special wishes of sick children. I thank my friend Pete Monaco for getting me started in this program last year and I look forward to leaving it all on the course (including many golf balls) in two weeks. I hope that you can support us in our quest to make a difference. Happy Father's Day to all of the Dads, we are all very lucky!

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Well said Jason. I am happy to continue this quest with you and proud to be your friend! This year I expect at least 101 hikes from you! :-)