My first venture to 13th beach Awaits

Tomorrow will be my first and only venture down to 13th Beach before the big 100 Hole Challenge next Friday week. My back and body feel as though I am up for the challenge but like all things it wont be until the day when will I know for sure if I am mentally and physically ready to be able to push through the barriers and get to the finish goal.

This week I was lucky enough to take possession of some new golf shoes courtesy of Russel from Acushnet Australia and it has been the best thing that has happened for me. Previously I have been running the golf course in a pair of Footjoy Contour spikes and as good a shoe as they are, the were quite heavy and hard on the feet. The latest model Footjoy Superlite mesh spikeless shoes are ultra lite and therefore they make the speed endurance golfing experience so much more comfortable. The pain in the soles of my feet has all but gone. Any 100 Hole Hikers looking for a supporting but comfortable golf shoe these would have to be the best $130 investment that you could ever make.

I certainly prefer the new golf shoes to the golf ball that Russel gave me to try as a demo. On Saturday I only played 18 holes so I tried the new ProV1 ball Russel gave me. I only had one ball to use so I thought id give it a try in the monthly medal competition. I stood on the first tee a 200 meter par 3 hole, having only just met my playing partners and watched the three of them play good strong shots on or around the green. Given I have been playing 36 holes per day for the last couple of weeks I was quietly confident in my golf swing and was secretly thinking I was going to put together a pretty good score perhaps even win my first ever monthly medal.

All of those aspirations went out the window on the first shot of the day when I stone cold topped the new ProV1 on the head. Incredibly the ball dived into the ground then bounced backwards behind where I stood on the tee. The ball bounced back about 1.5 meters behind me then spun forwards past me again and came to rest still on the tee box about 2 meters past where I stood dumbfounded with tears in my eyes.

My playing partners had tears in their eyes too, but that was tears of laughter, especially after I bunted my way up to finish the first hole with a double bogey and then butchered the drive and sent the new you beaut ProV1 to the bottom of the dam at the front of the tee box on the second hole. Needless to say I wont be queuing up to invest in the new golf ball straight away. Although I can say from experience that they are very reactive and you can generate a good amount of spin out of them. Unfortunately I am still searching for my first monthly medal as Nett 77 was not quite gonna get me over the line.

Hopefully the trip down to 13th beach gives me a better sense of confidence than does Riversdale. I am hoping to get a few good holes in and it will be nice to get a glimpse of the layout and scenery that I will be looking at for 12 to 14 hours on Friday 23rd January. If it is half as pretty as Riversdale at Sunrise then it will be something to look forward to.

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