Mission Accomplished: 128 Holes on June 19th

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I'm happy to report to those who don't already know that I played 128 holes on Monday, June 19, meeting my goal exactly. I've attached the scorecard from the rounds. There were a couple of close calls but no aces. I did make 24 birdies and 3 eagles (circled twice). Thanks to everyone who made bonus pledges!

Juan caddied for me the first two rounds, starting at 4:50 a.m. Nathaniel finished the last 96 holes. They both did an awesome job and I could not have finished without their support, encouragement and friendship.

The final Fitbit stats were 79,367 steps, 37.99 miles, 7264 calories burned, and 809 minutes of "exercise."

It seemed like it was a lot more difficult to finish this year than last year. It was probably because Erin was not there with me this year. Or perhaps because I'm another year older. But, once again, I played some of my best golf in the very last round. My friends will keep telling me that it takes me 118 or so holes to warm up.

A special thanks to the Ballyneal staff for giving such great support to this wonderful event. Special recognition goes out to Brandon Urban for completing 181 holes yesterday. That is a truly amazing accomplishment.

For those of you who pledged, thanks so much. You'll receive an email with instructions about fulfilling your pledge. For those who have not pledged but would like to, go to Pledge button above. Thanks!

Gary Albrecht

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Gary Albrecht

June 18, 2018
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