Less Than One Week!

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I can't believe I'll be standing on the first tee (pictured above) at Brookville Country Club next Monday. Where did the time go? My preparations for this Hike have been seriously curtailed by a nagging bad back and I am struggling to get it to a point of comfort. I will see my chiropractor again today and then a massage therapist on Saturday...in between all I can do is rest it and hope that my body holds up during the grueling 12-14 hour walking day. It will certainly be interesting, if anything!

A good friend (John) has graciously offered to come out to the club on Monday and be my caddie for the majority of the day. I am so thankful he has stepped up and volunteered to take on this task. Not only will it free me up to walk a bit faster during the Hike, but keeping that weight off my shoulders and back should allow me the physical strength to see this event through to the finish. Thanks a million, John!!!

Kathryn too has had a bit of a set-back. Arthritis seems to have crept back in to her right knee, and as we speak she is being put under for a special procedure to "surgically" inject cortisone into that knee as a means of reducing swelling and inflammation. She's a tough kid...we really hope this does the trick and she can get through her summer camp responsibilities without incident.

This will be my last installment of this Blog before the event...I am humbled and awed by the outpouring of support and encouragement I continue to receive, everywhere I go and everyone I talk to. I gain strength and resolve (with every word) to fight hard to complete this challenging activity and to proudly support my daughter in her own brave fight against this crippling disease.

If you'd like to support us, there is still plenty of time to step-up and make a pledge. Simply click on the Pledge Thru Me or Pledge To this Golfer buttons at the bottom of my page(s) on this website and 100% of your donations will go directly to the Arthritis Foundation charity.

Thanks again for your support, more (social media) updates during the day of the Hike!

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