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Hundred (and Eleven) Degree Hike

Should I pack a light-jacket? Leaving for Denver in 21 hours, and here is the latest Weather forecast for Monday:

A Father's Love

Happy Father's Day! Here's a reprint from my memorable Father's Day 2011

Ben Cox 155 Opening Tee Shot

Hundred Hole Hiker Brian Carruthers recently sent me this file that had been sitting on his phone for almost a year. It's the opening tee shot of the Ben Cox 155 last year at Ballyneal.

Marathon Training: Week 1 Update

First of all, thank you for all the letters and flowers expressing concern over my rigorous training schedule. I'm happy to report that I survived the first week of training.

Marathon Training

Armed with the knowledge of Tim's generous $0.75/per hole pledge to my Hundred Hole Hike for the Craig Hospital Foundation, it's time to crank up my marathon training.

About the Ben Cox 155

There would be no Hundred Hole Hike if it weren't for the Ben Cox 155. Here are some excerpts from last year's event at Ballyneal, taken from my blog, wegoblogger31.com.

The Next Level

Welcome to the Hundred Hole Hike! Find out more about the genesis of this event in founder Jim Colton's opening post...


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