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Last Friday, the Outpost Club's 2016 Captain discussed the relationship between golf and charity and how strong that tie has been. From its inception the Outpost Club has tried to continue this tradition by giving back to various worthwhile causes. We have supported various cancer charities, organizations that support our veterans, groups that help underprivileged and sick children and of course charities that help grow the game of golf.

Last fall, we established the Outpost Foundation, a 501c3, to better harness the generosity and caring of our membership. The mission statement of the Foundation is as follows:

The Outpost Foundation's primary purpose is to promote awareness and raise financial support for worthwhile charitable and educational causes in the United States through golf events and related activities.

Between last year's holiday party and auction as well as events this year like the Spring Charity Tournament at Plainfield and the Far & Sure evening in New York, the Foundations coffers are over $50,000. This is an amazing testament to how much our members care about giving back.

The first initiative of the Foundation is the Outpost Scholarship. We have established a college scholarship which will be awarded annually to individuals that have worked in a club's golf operations such as the pro shop or maintenance crew or have caddied at the club for at least one season. It is our goal to help ambitious students who have shown an appreciation for the great game of golf to achieve their goals by helping pay for the ever increasing costs of a college education.

In 2016, we will be awarding at least five, $2,500 grants to select students which will be renewed for as many as four years as long as the student remains in good standing. We are limiting the applicants to those who have worked at clubs that have supported the Outpost Club over the years. It is our small way of giving back to those who have been so generous to us and share our deep and abiding passion for the game.

We have already received a number of great applications and as head of the Scholarship Committee, I can attest that the decision about who to give the scholarships to will be very difficult. Applications will be accepted until July 1st.

The Foundation hopes to add other programs to the Scholarship program in the years to come and we have a great board in place to help steer the charity. Our board members include: Mary Anne Cronheim, Stephenie Harris, Adam Russell, Jim Perry Sr., Chris Garavente, Chris Hunt, Kevan Gibson, Steve Sears, Quentin Lutz, and Colin Sheehan and at this time Melissa Bellomo has been assisting us with our events. All work on the Foundation is done on a volunteer basis and it is our goal to apply as much money as possible to our programs as possible.

Now for the pitch - it's June and that means its 100 Hole Hike season. (For more on the 100 Hole Hike organization,
Unfortunately my trusty partner, Colin Sheehan, rolled his ankle in Scotland and won't be able to participate. The good news, is that Mario Bellomo has gamely stepped up and taken his place. Mario is of a sturdier stock (and less talkative) than Colin so I am sure that we will be able to play more holes than ever before. Mario and I will be walking to raise money for, you guessed it, The Outpost Foundation.

I have really been looking forward to this year's Outpost Club 100 Hole Hike Tournament which will be played on June 27th at the Woodmere Club on the south shore of Long Island. Some might think I am crazy to look forward to walking over 30 miles in one day and playing golf from sunrise to sunset, but I can honestly say that it is one of the best days of the year because it provides me and all the other participants a chance to give back to our communities. The first eighteen holes, with all the fundraising done and training complete, is one of the most peaceful rounds of golf I have yet to experience.

I am asking for your support. There are two ways to get donate one is on a lump sum basis and the other is on a per hole basis. Please go to and pledge your support. I can tell you from the past three hikes, that per hole pledges and birdie/eagle bonuses really provide motivation and make the day a lot more fun. After the event, I will follow up with an email to tell you how Mario and I did and let you know how to fulfill your pledge.

If you would just like to go ahead and support the Foundation immediately you can do so by clicking here or by mailing a check made out to The Outpost Foundation to:

The Outpost Foundation
24500 Center Ridge Road
Suite 170
Cleveland, Ohio 44145

Please put 100 Hole Hike in the memo line of the check. All donations are fully tax deductible.

Mario and I would greatly appreciate your support but we are not the only OC'ers who are hiking that day. Please consider supporting one or more of the following hikers and their great causes by visiting: and scrolling to "The Woodmere Club". Some of the great charities include: Make-A-Wish, March of Dimes, The Jeff Musser Foundation, ISLES, Giving Hope, Lakeridge Health Foundation and The Outpost Foundation.

I would like to finish by thanking all of our members for supporting our society over the years. The group's passion for the game of golf is only surpassed by its generosity to the worthwhile causes that the membership has helped support through various golf events.


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