Hundred Hole Hike Recap

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It was truly a privilege to participate in the Hundred Hole Hike in memory of Jimmy Estes. This challenge allowed me to raise funds for the Ronald McDonald House of Mobile. Before I get into the recap I just want to say I don't think I have ever played out of so many sand traps in my entire golfing career. It got to the point where I was quoting Happy Gilmore on the course, "This guy spends more time in the sand than David Hasselhoff!"

I started the day on the Crossings course of Magnolia Grove. This is the same course that host the annual LPGA's Mobile Bay Classic. This was an amazing course! A few spotlights during the first round include:
1. Sliced the ball on a par 4, ball heads straight to the woods. I thought my next shot would be out of the woods, to my amazement the ball caught the cart path and rolled pin high just off of the green. I would love to say that I chipped in for eagle, sank the birdie putt, but I managed to pull off a terrible three putt for bogey.
2. The next best shot came on the next hole, a long par 5, I hit my third shot into the greenside bunker. I caught every bit of the ball coming out of the sand. The ball hits a tree on the other side of the green and ricocheted to within four feet of the hole. I did save par!

There are plenty more shots I could talk about but those are the ones that really stood out. I'm sorry to say that I did not meet the goal of 100 holes. During my third round, I came off the 12th tee box and sprained my knee. The pain was very intense. Using my putter as a cane, I managed to complete another 18 holes, but the pain became unbearable. I finished with a total of 65 holes completed.

The most rewarding experience of this was actually visiting the Ronald McDonald House in Mobile. The staff was unbelievable! It was great to hear stories of how they meet the needs of families and take a tour the new addition to the house. I want to thank everyone who donated, thank you to Magnolia Grove's staff for all of their assistance, the Ronald McDonald House staff, fellow hiker John Moore for his knowledge of shortcuts on the courses, my father-in-law, Steve, for his help that early in the morning, and my wife, Cassie, for her support during my effort, not to mention enduring the heat with me. Thank you all very much!