Hundred Hole Hike - David Emerick

David Emerick, PGA will be hiking Goat Hill Park raising money for the kids of North County Jr Golf Association on July 11th and you can help sponsor boys and girls who need financial assistance to play tournament golf.


Yes, all monies raised will go directly to sponsor kids into NCJGA golf events. Currently we have 6 kids who are on a scholarship and play in NCJGA events. Our goal this year is to double that but we need to raise funds for the kids.

Our belief is any boy or girl who has a desire to play golf should have the opportunity to participate no matter what there situation is...give me the kid who has dreams and desires and they will become successful.

We know you want to help out kids and love the game of golf! All the monies raised goes directly to fund the kids tournament play. Golf is a gift and we will always continue to support any boy or girl who has a desire to play golf!

Giving is Living & Living is Giving – Thank You!

David Emerick, PGA

$1.00/hole – donor will receive – 4 free golf clinic pass
$2.00/hole – donor will receive – 8 free golf clinic pass
$5.00/hole – 9 hole playing lesson

All donations are tax deductionable as the NCJGA is a 501 ( C) 3 non profit corporation

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David Emerick, PGA

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