Hundred Hole Hike 2015

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It's that time of year again. Hundred Hole Hike season is upon us. The Masters was really green, the US Open was really brown, and the days are really long! The 2015 Hikes have gotten off to a great start with events both big and small. We have over 70 golfers signed up to walk 100 or more holes all around the world. Pledges keep rolling in for a wide variety of worthwhile causes.

This little golf marathon idea started with the Ben Cox marathon in 2011 and has grown to now raise over $1.9 million for various charitable organizations since. Personally, I've done seven HHHikes (and caddied one) and have 1,004 career holes hiked under my belt. Fortunately, I think ankle problems that plagued me last year are behind me. Why not keep the party going? I hope to be hiking 100 holes when I'm 100!

The important thing is that Solich Academy in Denver and the Western Golf Association in Chicago continue to do great things for the lives of young people by providing them opportunities through caddying. As a former and admittedly pretty awful caddy, I have always held those who did it well in great esteem. And these great organizations are providing life changing opportunities to kids who might not otherwise get the chance. I'm honored to hike for them again this year.

Additionally, I will be hiking this year for my charitable organization, One Divot. In addition to running and organizing HHH, One Divot has a stated mission to help those in the golf "family" who are in need of medical or financial assistance (akin to Ben Cox) and to develop and provide support to "grow the game" initiatives, particularly amongst youths in traditionally underserved areas. For example, in 2013 we were able to raise nearly $20,000 for a junior golf program in inner city Detroit. Last year, we were able to raise some money for a scholarship fund for the family of a golf pro in Chicago who died from brain cancer. I'd love to broaden our reach and find more opportunities to help others. We'll be setting up a formal application system for allocating funds, and will look for creative ways to use our network of passionate golfers and sponsors to maximize the impact of every dollar donated.

[Note: with three charitable organizations to choose from, pledgers can choose which organization to give to after the event. We will provide instructions on how to give to all three.]

Once again I will be hiking at Ballyneal in Holyoke, Colorado, the unofficial home of the Hundred Hole Hike. Though you'll see me listed as hiking on June 29th, along with a handful of other golf nuts at Ballyneal, my actual HHH will take place on Monday July 6th. This will allow me to first caddy for my fellow Ballyneal hikers on the 29th, then go at it solo on the following Monday. Just like last year, my family will be joining in the Chop Hills, which promises to make the event that much more special. Last year, I made it to 144 holes before storms rolled in and called it a day. This year, I hope to get back up to my target number of 155.

I hope that you will consider supporting me or any of the dozens of golfers walking 100 or more holes this summer for charity. You click on the 'Pledge' button at the top or 'Pledge to This Golfer' button below. Or maybe you want to come participate yourself. It's not too late to join! I would love to have you join the army of golfers giving back through this great game.

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