A Hole-in-One!

Congratulations to Brandon Carter, who not only walked 100 holes at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort yesterday to raise money for the Wild Rivers Coast Alliance, but also recorded the first Hole-in-One in Hundred Hole Hike history. Brandon aced the 5th hole at Bandon Trails.

Unfortunately, Brandon did not enter the HHHole-in-One club, so he's not eligible for the $1,900 pot. However, feel free to send him a congratulatory pledge via the 'Pledge to this golfer' button below.

Brandon Carter

Wild Rivers Coast Alliance

Pledge to this golfer


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That's an excellent feat, it's one of those feats that you can hope for at the most, since it's almost impossible to get hole in ones, even with extensive practice. I've tried a bit of golf in the past, so I know how difficult it is. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication, like writing a computer program, to get to the level of these pros, and that's something that I respect a great deal.

One year ago... Bandon was great.
He has a promising future, good for him, I wish him all the success digitaleoptionen.yolasite.com :)