HHH Twitter Contest

We're going to do a twitter contest again this year. The concept is simple: Spread the word on Twitter, win some great golf prizes.

The goal is to get Hundred Hole Hike-related retweets from athletes, media members and celebrities. Instead of relying on the number of followers a given RT'er has, we'll use unique identifying code to track new, unique visitors to the site.

1. Using your twitter handle as an identifier, add the code to any URL on the Hundred Hole Hike site (see below) [Note: if you intend to blast everybody from Justin Bieber to Justine Bateman, you might want to consider setting up an alternate twitter account specific for this purpose. You can still use your 'main' handle in the identifying code though.]
2. Try to obtain HHH-related RT's from professional golfers, media types or other celebrities. Anybody who you think will generate traffic to the site. Once a Twitter user has RT'd, he/she is off the list as a potential target.
3. Be sure to include @100holehike and/or #HHH2013 in your tweet.
3. Prize will be determined based on number of new, unique visitors from twitter to any page on hundredholehike.com from Monday May 28th to the end of day Monday June 10th.

Check this page for updated leaderboards and for key Tweeters that have been 'claimed'.

Example Code:
If I register my identifier code as jcolton31, then I'd add the following code to the end of the URL:


So the HHH homepage would be: hundredholehike.com/?utm_source=jcolton31&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=hhh

And my HHH golfer profile page would be: hundredholehike.com/golfers/jim-colton/?utm_source=jcolton31&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=hhh

[Note: Be sure to replace the jcolton31 with your twitter handle]

Prizes are still being formulated, but expect a long list of prizes from our golf partners Bridgestone, TRUE linkswear, The Mackenzie Golf Bag Company, Seamus Golf, Linksoul and Golfsmith.