HHH Training - Primal Lifestyle and CrossFit

June 24, 2013 will mark my second year participating in the Hundred Hole Hike. After a wildly successful 2012 campaign raising money for the American Diabetes Association (108 holes completed), I decided to pursue a different charity. I am a huge supporter of our military folks, as they fight daily for the freedoms that we too often take for granted. After doing my research on charities that would fit my wishes for a charity of choice, I settled on Disabled American Veterans. DAV is a charitable organization that raises money to support our veterans throughout their daily lives. So many of the men and women that come back from overseas come back and will never be the same. Whether their struggles are physical or mental, DAV devotes their time, effort, and dollars to assisting these veterans with their attempt to return to civilian life. I see this as an extremely cause, as I believe our honor and respect should go to these American Heroes.

Frankly, I have found raising charity money to be a little more difficult this year than last. Does this have anything to do with my cause being more politically driven? I can't say. However, I am proud to have the support of many friends and family on my journey to complete my 2013 Hundred Hole Hike.

This year has been different than last year in my training regimen, as well. Last year I followed a semi-strict cardio training routine, mostly revolved around long distance running. I typically ran around 6 miles per night, five to six days per week. I found myself in pretty good cardio shape. However, through the recommendation of a friend, and a thorough amount of research, I started this year with a lifestyle change based on nutrition. I altered my diet to a lifestyle called "The Primal Blueprint." The theory behind this is to live our lives based on how our caveman ancestors lived, with lots of slow movements, occasional full on sprints, lifting many heavy objects, and boasting a diet consisting of only fresh meat, vegetables, fruits, and nuts. That's right folks, no bread, pasta, processed wheat, sweets, etc. The end result: changing our bodies back from the societal norm of burning glucose (sugar) to the way they are supposed to operate, burning protein and fat as fuel. The lifestyle change results in our bodies immediately burning more fat and building more muscle. I noticed the difference within a week. From thinking much more clearly, to a more consistent energy throughout the day, the Primal lifestyle changed the base for my HHH training and my life in general. When it comes to the physical training aspect, I turned to a good friend, Tim Vial, for assistance. Tim recently opened a CrossFit gym near my home in Madison, Wisconsin. CrossFit is an expanding market in the fitness field, as it boasts crowning the "world's fittest" man and woman. CrossFit has also changed my HHH training and my life. I have never seen a workout regime that is as fun and beneficial as CrossFit is. Without getting into too much detail, CrossFit is based on conventional movements, olympic style lifts, body weight exercises, cardio, to build our bodies based on ten fundamental elements of fitness (endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy). Workouts are conducted in a group atmosphere. Since I started doing CrossFit, my body has changed dramatically. I feel stronger, and faster than ever before. The total fitness package for this year's Hundred Hole Hike? I feel that my legs are stronger than last year at this time, and my endurance is around the same level.

As I sit here, one week away from preparing the night before the hike, I am ready. I am ready to push for another full round over last year. I am pushing for 126 holes completed this year. I am supremely confident that I can do it. I am excited to see all of my close friends that are going to be hiking at Ballyneal next week, and commend them on their charitable efforts for their causes as well.

Again, a huge THANK YOU goes out from me to all of my friends, family, and associates that are pledging through me to Disabled American Veterans. Your help is greatly appreciated and does not go unnoticed. It goes without saying that I am incredibly excited to return to Colorado and Ballyneal. Thanks to all those that have helped me along the way, and I am excited to continue this journey through another Hundred Hole Hike in a week.

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