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I send my heartfelt thanks to all who pledged to me for the benefit the Double H Ranch. Based on the most recent totals, we might exceed $10,000, enough to send almost 7 kids to camp there. Awesome!

For those who didn't pledge, there's still time. Just go to www.hundredholehike.com, click the Pledge button, scroll down to Ballyneal and my name, and click the button.

I thought you might be interested in some stats from the HHH 2016:

1. I struck my first tee shot at 4:45 a.m. and completed round 1 at 6:18 a.m., 93 minutes later. We didn't track subsequent rounds as closely as we should have, but they were somewhat slower than the first. Considering that the last putt dropped at 5:36, we averaged 1:53 for the last 6 rounds and 1:50 per round overall. This was partly due to fatigue, partly due to having to go through several groups of players on the golf course, and partly because I slowed down when I knew the goal would be reached.

2. My Fitbit ran out of juice along the way, but it still registered 26.89 miles and 55,489 steps. The Health app on my iPhone that we carried throughout the day registered 36.89 miles, 78,484 steps and 208 floors climbed.

3. I played with Callaway Chrome Soft Truvis Yellow golf balls. They have a yellow background with black hectagonals in a pattern like a soccer ball. I thought they'd be very easy to find. Turns out it's a very good golf ball that I will continue to use.

4. I lost 3 golf balls, fewer than expected: (1) I shanked a wedge on the 4th hole into the native, (2) I hit what I thought was a perfect drive on 7 that went missing, and (3) I pull hooked a tee shot on 18 into the native.

5. Erin and I drank over 30 bottles of water apiece, but I peed just once. (We think her low sodium levels might have resulted from too much water.)

6. We added hydration tablets to the water to boost electrolytes. Combined with some cloud cover and wind, they did the job.

7. I made a total of 22 birdies and 1 eagle. The vast majority of the birdies were on the back nine. It played a lot easier than the front nine because we had a north wind that day, making several holes on the front nine play really hard.

8. I had three tee shots on par 3's that looked like they could go in for aces. One of them actually rolled up and hit the flag stick and bounced a couple feet away. With $1,600 of bonus pledges for aces, it would have been fun AND lucrative to make one.

9. I played without my 3 wood and several irons (5, 7, 9 and gap wedge) to lighten the load for my caddies. I don't think it had any negative effect on scoring. In fact, I think swinging easier with "too much" club made me more accurate.

10. Justin caddied the first 3 rounds. Dalton caddied the next 2. Kelsey caddied the last 2. Each one was great and I am very thankful for their help. Kelsey, Ballyneal's membership and marketing coordinator, had never caddied before. She was awesome--high energy and excited. Turns out she wanted to see what the HHH was like and then pledged the caddy fee I paid her to the Double H Ranch. Thanks, Kelsey!

11. I changed shirts twice, socks four times, and shoes four times. I also rotated through 4 golf caps.

12. We ate one slice of pizza and several energy gels and protein bars throughout the day. I never really got hungry during the event, but found an appetite when we finished.

13. There were several groups of golfers playing fun golf that day, but all very graciously let me play through, offering words of encouragement as we did.

14. I played a variety of tees, trying to take the most efficient route from green to tee to green. In some cases they were the forward tees, but often they were more middle. I tried to avoid walking back to a tee to conserve energy.

15. Due to the need for speed, the routine was to get to the ball, take a quick look at the target or line, relax, and hit it. Justin and Dalton quickly read the putts and I followed their reads. They were great. I had a lot of near misses. I also 3 putted many times, mostly due to the quick pace, I think.

16. In my second round I made no birdies. That was the only round where I was shut out. I made 2 birdies in my first round, 5 in the third, 2 in the fourth, plus an eagle, 3 in the fifth, 4 in the sixth, and 6 in the last round. I got better as the day progressed, not all that surprising given the practice I got.

17. I tried to make as many birdies (and better) as I could because of the generous bonus pledges for birdies and eagles. They totaled $102 per birdie and $305 per eagle, adding $2,549 to the total earned for the Double H Ranch--1.5 more kids!

18. My calves cramped up a bit along the way, but really only caused a problem when I sat down to change my shoes after the 6th round. I was in real pain and yelled for Erin to "straighten my foot" to alleviate the cramp. She did just what I asked, but "straighten" meant something to her that I didn't intend. Taylor rescued me from the cramp.

19. My feet and legs were sore for a few days, but I played golf and walked 18 holes Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, and 27 more on both Saturday and Sunday without too much difficulty. Thankfully my back felt good throughout.

20. You might have already seen this, but my daughter took some amazing photos that she posted on her website. Go here to see them: www.erinalbrecht.com/hhh

21. My scores per round were 83-86-78-74-77-76-68. The 86 included a 10 on a par 4 and many three putts. Total strokes taken was 542, and the average score per round was 77.4.

22. I knew we would reach our goal when we completed the 72nd hole by 11:35 a.m. Sped through the next three rounds to 108, then "cruised" through the next 19 to finish at my goal of 127.

It was an amazing experience, especially because Erin was with me. I am already looking forward to playing 128 holes next year. Thanks again for your wonderful support!

Gary Albrecht

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Gary Albrecht

June 18, 2018
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