Here WE go!

I remember it vividly, like it was yesterday. A dinner in Ft. Lauderdale in November 2014 when I learned of a friend's charitable efforts and how much happiness it brought to not only his life but others as well. As he was finished recounting his experiences I said out loud to my table of friends, "What am I doing to help people? Why can't I help make a positive difference for someone in need?" It was at that very moment that I committed myself to making a positive difference in another persons life.

Earlier that same year Matt Helm, a dear family friend of mine, was dealt an experience that would change his life forever. Paralyzed in a kayaking accident, I encourage you to take time and visit to learn more about the Helm family and the commitment Matt has made to one day walk again.

When I came across the Hundred Hole Hike, I knew immediately that this was it. In front of me was a charitable event, one in which extensive walking would be a personal sacrifice on behalf of another. It would combine my passion for golf, my friends and family and my newfound commitment to help another person in the most perfect way.

This event is not about me however. This is truly about friends, and even complete strangers, making a personal sacrifice in the form of a charitable donation for a family they do not know and a man they will never meet. This hike is about the generosity and compassion in all of us and how beautiful and powerful it can be.

WE will tackle this together and WE will make a significant, positive difference in another person's life. Our 100 Holes of Hope for Helm starts today.

This Golfer's Participation