The Hardware

To fuel friendly competition amongst clubs and participants in the Hundred Hole Hike, I'm happy to announce the TRUE linkswear Cup and the J. Smith Ferebee Trophy. I hope this will be a fun, motivating factor for hikers to push a little harder and dig a little deeper, both leading up to the event and on the day of their given hike.

The TRUE linkswear Cup will be a traveling trophy that will go to the host club with the most holes walked by its member participants. I hope this will be a source of pride and bragging rights for the winning clubs and will provide an extra spark for the membership to rally around the event to make it as successful as possible. To give an incentive for hikers to meet the goal of 100 holes and going above and beyond, I am proposing (i.e., dictating) the following point system:

- 1 point for every hole walked
- 50 bonus points for reaching 100 holes
- 1 bonus point for every walked over 100 holes

Right now, it looks like it's going to be a dogfight between Ballyneal and Kingsley Club to be the first to get their hands on the TRUE linkswear Cup. It might all boil down Colton vs. Bert -- whose compulsive is more obsessive...a scary social experiment to say the least.

The J. Smith Ferebee Trophy will go to the hiker who goes above and beyond and best exemplifies the spirit and intent of the Hundred Hole Hike. He/she will be voted on by the other participants.

DISCLAIMER: Actual trophy and winner may vary

So who the heck is J. Smith Ferebee? In 1938, Ferebee, a 32-year old Chicago stockbroker, walked 144 holes in one day as a bet, playing what was then all four courses at Olympia Fields twice. His participation sparked a slew of copycats and one-uppers across the country. This led to the bet being escalated into 600 holes days over just four days, covering eight different cities. Just last month, author Jim Ducibella published a book about the event, called "King of Clubs: The Great Golf Marathon of 1938" It's a fun read. (Click here for a recent Golfweek review of the book and here for a SI Vault story on the event.)

So the Ferebee Trophy will pay homage to our golf marathon roots, give a nod to the Chicago connection and celebrate the kindred spirits of die-hard golfers who feel the need to walk a bunch of holes in a day -- whether to prove a point, win a bet or raise some money for a variety of worthwhile causes. I just hope no one tries to slip me a mickey.