A Golfer's High

I wasn't quite sure what I was getting myself into?…I signed up to participate in the Hundred Hole Hike a couple months ago. It was a day in the distance and what the heck, blending golf with charity work, what's not to like about that concept?…

It started hitting me about 2 weeks ago that the day of reckoning was fast approaching and my mind was taking inventory of the situation: (A.) Goat Hill is a very hilly course albeit only 4500 yards long. And 108 holes as the crow flies is 18 miles of hilly terrain…(who plays how a crow flies?) (B.) The most holes in one day walking for me was once 54 holes about 10 years ago in the cool climate of Scotland (C.) It can get very hot in mid July in Oceanside. (D.) Goat Hill is a muni and although they were gracious enough to let us use the course for the hike they would still be open for regular play as well and we would need to negotiate and navigate around people to get it all in on time. (E.) The little aches and pains of one at the ripe age of 52 were subliminally magnified for some odd reason.

But in the end…It was well worth the effort and in fact it wouldn't be a stretch to categorize the day as a spiritual experience.

I've been rather lucky:

I've been lucky to have played in many countries around the planet . And I'm not kidding when I say Goat Hill is one of my favorite places to play. It's a rugged, ragtag muni, never in very good shape except the greens are normally in great shape. Carl Spackler would have a field day with the gophers and squirrels. It only measures 4500 yards and is an executive par 66, but the shot value off the tees is exceptional, you have to think and shape the ball around the place. It's an Artisan type of atmosphere, the people are construction workers and tradesman, real people who love their golf. No dress code, no pretense, just golf for recreation, exercise, fresh air and to socialize…and pure fun.

I was lucky enough to share the day with the following cast of characters; Matt Ginella an executive travel writer for Golf Digest and his amazing father John. Derek Drish, a landscape architect and his girlfriend 'standing' Jill. And most of all the highlight for me was having my 15 year old son Max volunteer to caddy for me (for a dollar a hole). He made it the whole way and did an amazing job!…we now share a common bond…and similar aches and pains.

We were lucky that the weather was perfect!!!... An overcast morning gave way to clear skies with a mild temperature in the low 70's and a nice breeze coming in off the pacific that felt like the air conditioner was set on 70 degrees.

I'm lucky to have had so much support from my friends and family who've made donations to my hiking causes. My causes are The North County Junior Golf Association and After School All-Stars…basically my causes are to support kids in the community, to help develop positive character and to exercise their body and mind.

We're lucky that WE MADE IT!!!…..the first ball was in the air at 5:50 and the last putt dropped at 8:15…….22.1 miles……..14 hours 25 minutes

I suppose it's not the same as climbing Mt. Everest but we take away a great sense of accomplishment and pride in the fact that in some small way we are 'Linking Souls' in a worthwhile fashion for the betterment of humanity and the communities we live.

That's the Golfer's High and the power of the game of Golf.

BIG THANKS to THAI SOCIETY restaurant in Encinitas and chef Kay for providing spring rolls and Pad Thai for lunch

AN EPIC DAY!!!……..and by the way for those who have made donations and pledges please make your checks out accordingly and for those who have already sent in checks - Thanks!!…For those who haven't done either it's not too late, no amount is too small and we appreciate your support.

WE GOT SOME GREAT PRESS AS WELL TO CHECK IT OUT CLICK ON THIS LINK http://www.utsandiego.com/news/2012/jul/16/icon-ashworth-does-golf-hike-...

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