Getting Started!!

Okay, so I guess I am doing this...he said with a huge smile! Although I am not sure what it's truly going to take to get ready to walk and play 108 holes of golf in one day, I have started taken steps. Some are small, like sending out flyers for pledges, while some are huge, like getting up at 4:30am everyday to go to the gym. I do this because it has been a pleasure to be an alum of the United Way of Champaign County's Emerging Community Leaders program and the fact that the proceeds from this event will help make the program self-sufficient is more than worth it. The ECL program is a way for community members to learn how the United Way and other organizations touch our community. I believe that programs like the ECL will help find new potential leaders throughout the community and will help our foundations continue to help those in need for years to come.

This Golfer's Participation