Friday 6/20/14 is the day!

Based on the current forecast, I have decided to keep the hike scheduled for this Friday as originally planned. It looks to be a picture perfect day in Western NY . . . mainly clear with lows in the upper 50s and highs in the mid 70s!

I had no idea how much I could raise through the hike. My hope was to raise $1500 for the House of John. As of today, there is an outside chance I will double that amount before Friday. I want to say thanks to all of the family and friends who have pledged a donation. If I am a little short of $3K at the start of the hike, I will hopefully pick up a few bonus pledges along the way to get there. At the moment, a birdie will get me $30, an eagle is worth $35 and a hole-in-one is about $500. I can't count on eagles or a hole-in-one (unless Papa is helping me out). However, I hope to get a few birdies to add to the donation total!

I shot an 83 the other day in 2:20 minutes which is very good for me. I would take 6 rounds like that in a heartbeat. I realize I am playing to eclipse 100 holes and not necessarily for score. However, lower scores will translate to faster play.

My biggest hope is that my driver is working well on Friday. Okay . . . maybe my biggest hope is to avoid blisters and dehydration!

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