The First Of Many To Come - After 108

First off all, I want to thank the entire Ballyneal staff for doing a tremendous job on taking good care of all of the hikers. Without all of the hard work and time they put in it wouldn't have been possible for the event to go as smooth as it did.

I'd like to thank Rob Rigg and TRUE Linkswear because we all know that without his shoes walking this many holes wouldn't be possible. Also, it was very generous for TRUE to have proceeds from the HHH edition shoes go to One Divot, as well as the Evans Scholars. Good Stuff!

To the man behind the madness, Mr. Jim Colton. Putting all of this together had to of been like having a 2nd full-time job. Thank you for everything you have done from setting up the website, promoting the event, and having twitter and facebook contests to make sure hikers stayed motivated to raise money. You have started something that is special, and is only going to get bigger and bigger.

Also, I want to thank everyone who pledge in support for me to raise money for the University of Colorado Foundation / Edward P. Kelbel Scholarship Memorial Fund.

Couple things about the hike.

Played the entire day with my good friend Mitch Ehly. We tee'd off at 4:54am, and we may or may not have hit into Rob Rigg. It was really foggy and couldn't see, sorry if we did Rob.

Round 1: 1 Hr 44 Min
Round 2: 1 Hr 47 Min
Round 3: 1 Hr 54 Min
Round 4: 2 Hr 01 Min
Round 5: 2 Hr 10 Min
Round 6: 2 Hr 25 Min

I only used 7 clubs: Driver, 3 wood, 4ir, 6ir, 8ir, 56, and putter.

The hardest stretch for me was holes 77-84. I don't know why that stretch sucked, but it did. The last nine my stomache didn't feel well, but I knew the end was near.

Playing with Mitch was an absolute blast. We got to talk about memories we had on the course, memories of living in Holyoke, and the great times we had while working at Ballyneal. Mitch and I decided that we are going to make the Hundred Hole Hike a trip that we make every year going forward. It's a great time to see a lot of good friends, while doing a lot for charity. After walking 108 holes on Monday, I am even more motivated to raise a lot more money next year!

Once again, thanks to everyone who has made this happen! Best of luck to the remaining hikers! Hike On!

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