First 100 Hole Hike is in the books!

Leading up to my first 100 Hole Hike this past Monday I was checking the weather daily to see what we were in for. For the week leading up to it, it looked like it was going to rain the two days before and that the temperature was going to be in the low 60’s most of the day (high 50’s) early in the morning with wind up to 25 mph. The weather stayed to form, which made for a very comfortable day weather wise and I could not have asked for better weather to golf all day in.

The evening before the hike, we had a group dinner, so we were able to meet some of the other hikers and get some last minute tips from some of the people who have participated in these in the past.

Despite trying to get a good night sleep, I was awake at 3:30 and couldn’t get back to sleep as I was excited to get to the course and get prepared. We got to the golf course around 4:45 and I laid out my gear at a table on the patio and prepared to get started.

The first group teed off at 5:21 and we ended up teeing off around 5:25 as the 3rd group off with our caddie (who had no idea what he was in for throughout the day). Needless to say we did not start off well as we made an 8 on the par 5 first hole and a 6 on the par 4 second hole. After that we played a bit better and managed to shoot a 90 and finished the first round a little after 7:00. We made a quick pit stop at the club house to change socks and shoes and to get rid of my pants and change into shorts.
The second round was the worst round of the day as we managed to shoot a 92 with only 3 pars. The best thing was that we were done a little after 8:30, swung by the clubhouse for a quick breakfast sandwich and snacks and were back on the course for the third round. After the first 9, Evan’s friend John Moore joined us to caddie for Evan for the remainder of the day and provided us support as he had completed his own 100 Hole Hike several years prior. The theme of the day was consistency as we once again ended up shooting a 90 with 5 pars and finished around 10:45, but had still not logged any birdies.

As we begun the 4th round of the morning, I was finally starting to feel a little soreness in my feet and legs so I popped a few advil and we were off again and played in very fast fashion as we could smell the lunch being cooked up and were ready to sit down for a few minutes and eat a nice meal. We managed to make 6 pars in route to an 89 and had finished 72 holes by 12:30/lunchtime (that is usually good for an entire golf trip and we finished it in a morning). After a bit of a break to have lunch, change socks/shirts and re-group we were once again back on the course.

By this time the toll of walking 72 holes was beginning to catch up and it showed as we once again struggled during the 5th round and managed to make only 4 pars in route to another 92, finishing a little before 3:00. After turning in our scorecards I mentioned that we had been very consistent throughout the day and that we had been unable to make any birdies yet, which was not helping us with the additional donations that people had made for any birdies. Before heading out, there was another group sitting on the patio sipping a nice cold beer, so I figured, why not, we only have one round left until we hit our goal of 108 holes.

Well, I think that beer was what turned it for us. We managed to come out of the gates strong, making par on 5 of the first 6 holes. We got to the par 3 7th with Evan having the tee box and he managed to hit great shot leaving me with a 20ft birdie putt. I got up to the green, gave the ball a whack up the slope and next thing I knew it was at the bottom of the cup, we had our first birdie and were sitting at even par for the round. We proceeded to go double bogey, bogey and finished the front with an impressive 38 (and completing 99 holes). The back side was not as good as the front, but we managed to make another 3 pars and shot a 43 for an impressive 81 during our 6th round of the day! We walked off the course on the 18th hole and met Melissa Bellomo who was there to give us our 100 Hole Hike flag and to take our picture before we went up to the clubhouse at 4:45.

One might have thought we were done, but as crazy as Evan and I were, we sat on the patio for 10-15 minutes and decided that we wanted to go out for an emergency 9 more as we still were not happy with our score for the day. The format was ringer scoring (taking you best 2 scores on each hole over the course of the entire day) and we still had several holes on the back 9 that we had not made a par on twice, so we teed it up again on the 10th hole and went back out for more despite our caddies being tapped out, so we carried our own bag (I had a great light Sunday bag that I only carried 6-7 clubs all day). We were able to make 3 more pars on the back nine, shooting 43 and had finally finished our day around 6:15.

When it was all said and done we completed 117 holes in just under 13 hours, walking 30+ miles and shooting 577 (with a ringer gross score of 149 (7 over par) and a ringer net score of 121 (21 under par). We managed to walk the 3rd most holes (with the top group walking a very impressive 9 full rounds or 162 holes) in our first 100 Hole Hike (both groups above us were veterans) and finished in 3rd or 4th place in the scoring out of the 13 groups.

Thank you all for your support. It really means a lot to me. Your support combined with knowing what a great cause I was hiking for made all the pain (I am still feeling it a little today) more than worthwhile. In fact, I can't wait to do it again next year.

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