Final Stretch...

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I am now less than a week away from my Hundred Hole Hike. I want to first thank all of my friends and family who have given so generously to Nationwide Children's Hospital's NICU. I have sold one painting to date and appreciate the interest which has been expressed about others. No doubt your donations to such a wonderful facility will go a long way in giving other families the opportunity to experience the love and joy that Lindsey and I have been so fortunate to have with our daughters Ellie and Claire. Attached to this post is a recent photo of Ellie and Claire who serve as my inspiration for completing this hike.

I'm not sure one is ever truly prepared for such an endeavor, but I have continued running and playing more golf than I have since the girls were born. I am anxious and excited for July 14 to arrive and hope to do all I can to provide as much as possible to NCH. Please feel free to stop by Brookside G&CC on July 14 to encourage me along I will be teeing off at the crack of dawn and anticipate going until the sun goes down! The course is technically closed most of that day, but if you text me I will let you know where I am and welcome you to walk with me to be a part of what I hope will be a wonderful, fulfilling day. Thank you.

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