The Final Count Down

Today was probably my last training session before the Hundred Hole Hike this Friday. I squeezed in a quick 36 Holes before work this morning although I cheated a little because I only played the full course once and then I also played the 12B Hole which is a temporary par 3, 18x times.

The sun is rising later each day and I have long since run out of glow in the dark golf balls so I need to hold back my tee off time until there is at least a little bit of visibility. Obviously the later I tee off for my first 18 holes the more difficult it is to get back to the tee for my second round before the rest of the field start hitting off.

The hole purpose behind participating in the HHH is to raise funds for the Karingal Foundation who are a charity designed to support people with Acquired Brain Injuries. Ironically this morning I actually nearly created a patient for the Karingal Foundation myself. Unfortunately I hit a big snap hook on the 13th hole which cleared the tree's and flew onto the 15th hole. At the same time as my ball was hooking wildly the greens keeper was quietly going about his business enjoying the serenity from the cabin of his tractor as he sprayed the fairways with pesticides or fertilizer.

The silence of the dawn was broken as I called Fore at he top of my voice, but the chances of the groundsman hearing the call from 200 meters away while wearing earmuffs and riding a tractor was pretty remote. Luckily the ball just missed him and the tractor, although it was a very close call.

For the last couple of days the golf has been pretty good, although I'm struggling with accuracy with the mid irons, it feels as though the longer clubs (except for the drive on 13 today) seem to be getting me in good position. I have also developed a sense of confidence with the short irons that I have never had before. They say practice makes perfect and certainly with all of the golf that I have played over the last three or four weeks I have a new found proficiency at chipping and pitching around the greens so where in the past I would cower over those sort of shots and reach for the texas wedge (Putter) I now feel like I can hit the ball close more often than not.

Yesterday was my Social Club's monthly escapade at Waterford Valley. We were scheduled for a 920am hit off so I was able to sneak out and play a cheeky 20 holes at Riversdale before getting picked up to go to Waterford Valley. It was a tough day at Waterford Valley as the wind blew up mid morning and the difficult conditions were reflected of the scores. Nett 74 won the day and a couple of the guys at the bottom end of the leader board posted scores finishing with Nett 100 and above.

With work and family commitment this week I probably won't get out on the course again before Friday, but I am confident that I have done enough miles and swung the club often enough during the training sessions to be confident I should be able to complete the Hike on Friday and hopefully I will still have a bit of energy in the tank at the end to play a few extra holes.

The most important thing now is hoping for a fine day. I can only pray that it is not a windy day like it was last Thursday or even yesterday as this will make keeping the ball in play a bigger challenge than walking the 60 to 80km around the golf course.

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