Fifth One Done

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My fifth 100 Hole Hike has come and gone and I can't wait for next year.

Monday, I was one of 26 hikers at Brookville Country Club at an event hosted by the Outpost Foundation and the Outpost Club. It was wonderful to see some of the guys who have made this annual tradition and it was also great to see some new ones go through this rite of passage including my partner Alex "Big Puma" Hulse. It is incredible to see so many smiles at the end of the day even through all the pain.

A quick recap of our day - the weather was perfect. Well maybe not perfect. The 20 knot wind with gusts up to 30 maybe wasn't ideal but the cool temperatures in the 60s were much better than years past where we were lucky to stay in the 80s. The course was in spectacular shape with greens running at a good but not crazy pace. Puma and I snuck out first (5:21) as it was just getting light and fumbled our way in the dark to a rather mediocre 87. As visibility improved and our legs warmed up, we played our best round of the day on our second trip around, firing an 87. The better play allowed us to pick up the pace and we made great time through 54 holes - less than five hours. We even managed to make a few birdies.

I had a great day driving the ball and Puma's stellar short game (big cat has hands) helped clean up any sloppy play. We soldiered on though 72 and took a break for lunch. I had doubts about Puma's ability to get back moving, but sure enough he answered the bell. After ninety holes we were joined by some of Puma's buddies from the area which helped him overcome his pain and make it through 100. Of course, we had to finish the round and get one more shot at our nemesis hole, the 11th, which we finally made a par on. We also played the last six with Colin Sheehan and Mario Bellomo adding to the festive vibes. After six rounds and a bonus hole, Puma called it a day. I though was not yet ready to come off the course.

Along with Colin and Mario (and a band of revelers) I played one final nine (shooting a nifty 40 with a triple) - almost holing out my chip on the ninth for one more birdie. I decided it was time for a drink...

The final stats

118 holes
6 birdies
50 pars
83.17 average score
64,372 steps
32.2 miles
63 floors
500+ pounds of flesh completed over 100 holes (has to be a record)

Most importantly, thanks to your generosity, we were able to raise over $18,000 for the Outpost Foundation. That number almost funds two Outpost Scholarships for four years of college. Your donations will help the Foundation broaden its reach and help needy young men and women reach their goals and graduate from college. Your support helped push me to keep going, and I can't thank you enough.

Until next year....

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Will Smith

Brookville Country Club
May 15, 2017
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