"Everybody think one . . . think one"

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On October 21, 2016, I was golfing with my wingman, Tom Collins, and two other great friends at the Glens Falls Country Club, a 100+ year old Donald Ross-designed course in upstate New York. Tommy had been diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer in early 2012, but he continued to play golf despite 80 chemotherapy and about 20 radiation treatments. (He succumbed to the horrible disease on January 10, 2017.)

On the third hole, our first par three of the day, I told the guys that "today is the day--we need a hole in one today."

We came around to the 18th hole, a par three right next to the clubhouse. Our two playing partners hit first and hit really good shots just short of the cup. I hit next and landed just right, about 10' for birdie. Then it was Tommy's turn. As he prepared to hit I told the guys "alright, everybody think one . . . think one." Tommy struck a beautiful 7 iron toward the cup 136 yards away. I looked perfect in the air, landed just short of the cup, rolled up and nudged the flagstick, paused, then dropped into the hole for a 1. We erupted in joy. Tommy looked shell shocked but was ecstatic.

I have told this story many times since October 21, and I get goose bumps every time. I miss my buddy every day, but I smile about this memory almost as often. It's definitely one of the highlights from 18 years of golfing together.

As I prepare for my hike on June 19th, I am thinking about the 28 or so par 3's I'll play that day. I'd appreciate it if anyone who reads this would "think one" throughout that day. My bonus pledges are now $1,000 per ace, and with a lot of luck, your support, and perhaps some more divine intervention, who knows? :) Thanks!!


P.S. When I figure out how to downsize photos so the can be uploaded I'll share some post-ace photos from October 21st.

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