What an incredible day.
What an incredible feat!
What an INCREDIBLE group of guys that (mostly) willingly agreed to join in on this crazy task of mine. I am beyond words in an effort to describe my levels of admiration for Doug, Mike, and Gian.

Doug "Fresh", who pushed through pain that I wouldn't wish on anyone in order to finish.
"Iron" Mike, who carried his bag all 108 holes. Amazing! I'm in awe!
Doc Gian, who came late to this party & proved to be stronger than even he believed (and shot a personal best score in the process of it all!).

I am humbled to have shared this with you guys. Truly.

This really did start out as my personal folly -- a redemption of sorts -- but we found a bigger & better reason to do it, and that turned out to be the most inspirational part of this entire experience for me. Helping Charlie. I just hope we are able to get him here to StL soon & change his life.

The final tally on the golf itself was VERY surprising: 108 holes total. 20 birdies, 17 bogeys, 71 pars. Somehow, I managed to play 3-under par for the entire day! My friend Clint, who did his own HHH four years ago (and one of the inspirations for my own HHH quest), described the zone he got into, and I guess I found it, too. Also, playing "smart" all day and swinging at 75% resulted in never hitting into big trouble. And not concentration on score? Turns out that produces decent results. Who knew??


A big thanks to Patrick Clark of Fox2News and Channel 11 here in StL for coming out to the course & documenting our efforts, as well as airing a piece about us that same night. It's amazing he was able to make anything polished & worthy of broadcast from the exhausted nonsense coming out of me when he got there. That shows his talent!

More thanks to the friends & family that came out to the course offering moral support, needed companionship, and emotional boosts of energy. Personally, I'd like to highlight two people in particular:
Jaron Wedding, who was to join us until injury & bad scheduling foiled his plans. Not only did he come out for our final legs, but he also performed emergency root canal surgery on me less than 4 days before the event & saved my attempt. No way I can pay him back for that. His late day ball-hawking skills probably saved us ALL from failing to complete 108, as he saved us valuable minutes as we rushed to the end line.
Brian Cherrick. I've always known he was a great friend, but really came through on Monday. He came out twice during the day (start & finish) to support us. With Dr. J, he spotted for us as the day wore down and got us to #108. He kept us laughing during a challenging stretch, acted as documentarian for me on a couple of side projects, and even managed to convince his 17-yr old son to come out for support. Quite a guy!

My last thanks are for my family. More support than I deserve. More tolerance than I've earned. More love than should be possible. Vic, Elena, Livi, Max, Mom, Dad, Lyn, Laura. I love you so much, and nothing I ever say or do will express how much. My injury was, well, not fun. Afterwards, I was, well, not pleasant. Thank you for supporting me despite it all and making me a FAR better person. I LOVE YOU ALL!

Right. So what's next?

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