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It's been almost two weeks and have fully recovered and am back at my desk to let you know how much fun and exhausting this special day was.

I committed to playing 108 holes of golf at Saucon Valley’s two courses – Grace and Weyhill with Johnnie Perez on Monday the 16th and we teed off at 5:30 am. By 11 am, we had completed 54 holes. Yes, 3 rounds in under 6 hours! It was a great pace and although the dew was heavy from the night before, the Grace course was absolutely beautiful. We were a little early with our first 3 rounds and lunch wasn’t ready yet so we decided to get one more loop in on Grace before heading over for our final two rounds on Weyhill. Unfortunately, the lack of protein took a toll on Johnnie and he had to bow out after 72 holes. Honestly, I thought he was going to have a heart attack but thankfully, not!

So I enlisted Tanya for Weyhill! She had already walked 2 rounds with us and was game for another. Not only was she a star, we are still getting married after our fast paced round.

As we were walking up the 18th, we spotted fellow OC’er Adam Russell who Tanya begged to stand in for the final 18 – the dreaded 6th round! Adam provided the spark needed to get through – he hit some spectacular drives and bailed me out of the sand more than once. He even saved me from a long walk down to the 8th green and over to the 9th tee (it was his turn to tee off). When he came up, he found me in the yoga pose called corpse — flat out on my back and oh, so happy! It was the break my legs and feet needed to get through the hilly back nine of Weyhill.

I finished my 108 holes with 3 partners at 7:05 pm, 13 1/2 hours after first ball in the air. In all, we had 526 strokes for an average of 87 per round (not so sexy) and walked 36 miles. On my Facebook page I uploaded some pictures and notes along the way. Please check it out if you haven’t: Two pictures were missing – one at the end with my playing partners and the most delicious steak and lobster dinner that followed.

I really appreciate all of your support! The work The Commuity-Word Project does is very important and makes a wonderful impact on children who really need our extra help. It was a wonderful day and I am already looking forward to next year.
Thanks so much!

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