All you need to know about my Hundred Hole Hike!

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Over the last few months many of you reading this blog have heard me talk about the “100 Hole Hike”. I have received a wide variety of feedback from these conversations that have included:

“You are crazy!”

“150 Holes, in one day?”

“Walking, the whole time? No golf cart?”

“Your wife is caddying for you?” “Does she know this?” “She might be crazy too!”


“This sounds like a blast!!”

“What an awesome idea to raise money for a great charity!!”

Nearly everyone I have talked to has asked how they can help and for me to please keep them posted on this adventure! So, here is my first ever attempt at a blog. Thanks for reading, thanks for sharing, thanks for your encouragement and most of all thanks for your support.

On June 19, 2017 Matt Elliott, a good friend of mine, and I will attempt our first Hundred Hole Hike. Our goal is to walk 150 holes of golf in one day to raise money for a great charity, Champions Committed to KIDS. Our hike will take place at Dismal River Golf Club in the Sand Hills of western Nebraska. This is an awesome course that Matt and I, along with some other great friends, have played several times over the last few years.

To accomplish our goal of walking 150 holes we will tee off at approximately 4:45am (daylight arrives early in the sand hills of Nebraska in June!) and will play golf until 8:30pm or after. We estimate that we will walk close to 50 miles and our total strokes will be somewhere around 800 for the day. There will not be time for practice swings or lining up putts. We will carry a limited number of clubs and our pace will have to be brisk to meet our goal.

I have run marathons and ½ marathons over the last 10 years, but I anticipate this will be my greatest endurance challenge yet. Matt and I are already training and are hopeful our hands, feet, legs, etc. will get us to the finish line (the 150th green). My wife, Jennifer, and Matt’s wife, Tegan, are also training as they too will be covering a lot of miles carrying our golf bags for us for multiple rounds throughout the day. We can’t thank them enough for their support and willingness to help us accomplish our goal for a great cause.

So why would 2 guys with busy families and careers decide to train for and complete a Hundred Hole Hike? Matt and I both love to play golf, we enjoy running and training and we love a challenge. However, the number one reason is to raise money for a great organization, Champions Committed to KIDS.

Champions Committed to KIDS is based in Springfield, MO. The organization provides KIDS who are fighting chronic illnesses the chance to feel what it’s like to be part of an athletic team. To know what it means to be a teammate, to have a feeling of fellowship and a chance to build lifelong friendships. Champions Committed to KIDS partners with two local hospitals, Mercy and Cox Health, to place children with medical conditions and disabilities on local athletic programs throughout the Springfield, MO region.

I currently serve on the board of this charity and see the positive impact it has on the kids, their families and also the coaches and athletes of the local college and high school teams that are involved. As somebody that played sports from t-ball all the way through college, I know the value and lessons learned from being part of a team and Champions Committed to KIDS provides this experience to so many kids that would not have this opportunity otherwise. Please visit the website to learn more:

At this point I hope you are interested in following Matt and I on this adventure. You might want to know how you can help us raise money for Champions Committed to Kids. The best way to do this is by clicking on the “PLEDGE TO THIS GOLFER” button below. You can choose a Per Hole Pledge (ex: $0.25, $.50, $1.00, no amount is too big or too small) or a Lump Sum Pledge. You can also choose Bonus Pledges that are performance based. I am not a great golfer so your bonus pledges for Birdies, Eagles and Hole-in-one, will not hurt your bank account too bad, but are appreciated. You are not providing bank account or credit card information at this time. You are only pledging your contribution. You will receive an email at the conclusion of the event with instructions on how to fulfill your contribution to Champions Committed to Kids. 100% of the money raised will go directly to Champions Committed to Kids.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for future updates and blog posts as we prepare for the Hundred Hole Hike. Please share to help us spread the word and raise more money for a great cause. Thank you all again for your support!!

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June 19, 2017
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