Adventures in Pledge Creativity

The new comment field in the pledge system allows donors to be a little creative in their pledging. I think this a great way for the pledgers to take a fun and active role in the event, while providing that extra incentive to the golfers to play fast AND play well. Here is a sample of some of the outside-the-box thinking:

"Additional $10 per birdie, $50 per eagle and $100 per hole in one."

"I'll throw in another $10 per eagle and $5 per birdie."

"Don't let this be less than $100.00"

"Will add $10 per hole-out from anywhere off the green."

"make sure you are wearing good golf shoes!!!! Have fun and hope you raise a lot of cash!!!!" (Ed. note: as long as he has his TRUE's on, he will be)

"I will donate another $50 if you really make the 150"

"I will add an extra $25 for a hole in one and an extra $5 for each birdie"

"$5/birdie, $20/eagle, $100 for every ace or albatross, $20 for every round under 80, $2/hole for every hole over 100"

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