4 days out...

Just four days out from the event and I am beginning to feel a little nervous... The unanimous opinion from the golfers I have spoken to is that the event is near impossible and i'm an idiot for signing up!

The event requires us to keep a pace of 2 hours 15 mins per round, considering that I average 4 hours 30 per round it is going to be a stretch, especially considering that the courses are ~6400 metres each.a There are a few rules to these events that help to speed things up:
- play when ready
- minimal practice shots
- don't take the pin out
- no looking for lost balls
- caddys to push our bags around.

Even with these rules keeping the pace, not succumbing to blisters/strains over the 55KMs+ will be a challenge BUT i hope the incentive of me and my team mates raising money for a fantastic cause to keep us going.

Fortunately my team mate Laurie Begni has supplied our team with a generous goodie bag of equipment to get us by (importantly including a stick of body glide). Thanks to Laurie and the National Australia Bank for this. The 13th Beach golf course are also looking after us extensively with showers, meals and of course use of their excellent (but long) golf courses.

Wish me luck!

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