2016 HHH Austalia - 13th Beach Golf Links

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Dear friends and family,

As dawn breaks on January Friday 22nd 2016, while most people will be sound asleep, I will be teeing off at 13th Beach Golf Links and starting my mammoth challenge to play 108 holes of golf (without using a cart) in one day together with my wife Vicky Thomas and close friend Kathy Bell for the Karingal Hundred Hole Hike (HHH)‘Why’ you may ask? HHH events are held at courses around the world as a way that golfing enthusiasts like me can put their passion to good use and raise money for a range of causes through community sponsorship.

Now in its fourth year, the Karingal HHH is the only event of its kind in Australia and we are dedicating our efforts towards raising money for Karingal’s Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) programs.

Why raise money for ABI programs?

An ABI refers to any type of damage to the brain that is sustained after birth. Many things can cause an ABI such as a blow to the head, a motor vehicle accident, lack of oxygen, stroke, infection or something as simple as a fall. In the blink of an eye an ABI can dramatically change a person’s life and they could find themselves facing a lifetime of disability with a range of medical, physical, cognitive and sensory issues as well as emotional and psychological impacts.

Currently more than 500,000 Australians have an ABI. Three out of four of these people are under the age of 65 and as many as two out of three sustained their brain injury before turning 25. Furthermore, the number of people with an ABI is continuing to grow as improvements in medical technology increase the survival rate for people following a stroke, assault, accident, fall or illness.

In 2013 I was honored to play in the first HHH in Australia with Brad Quinn & a small group of friends. With the guidance and passion led by close friend Brett Morrissy, we were inspired to make a difference after seeing the impact ABI had on our friend, Steve Blackford.

Two years later a similar reckless assault had occurred to another friend Graeme Moodie. Words escape me how to deal with violence everywhere. It's simply not okay to be violent in anyway. Luckily there is support for ABI injuries and below is our way to do what we can to help…….

A partnership was established between Karingal (Geelong-based not-for-profit organisation dedicated to improving the lives of people with a disability) Brett Morrissy and 13th Beach Golf Links in order to create the inaugural Karingal HHH. The HHH event, together with a supporting series of concerts at 13th Beach Golf Links called Music to a Tee, has raised more than $100,000 for Karingal’s ABI programs.

So far funding the previous Hundred Hole Hikes has helped Karingal run exemplary programs for people with an ABI and support programs for their families; the new site at Eastern Hub will be a space where the growing population of people with an ABI and their families can receive important peer and social support. Funds from the 2014,15 & 16 not only fund these programs but also contribute to the establishment of a permanent ABI Club House and associated support programs in the new Eastern Hub, which will be open in mid 2016

How you can help please…

Over the course of the day on January 22nd, I will walk over 60 kilometers hoping to play 108 holes of golf without using a cart. It is a grueling event, but one with an important goal that can only be achieved with your support. Please come & watch if you can as you will watch a very funny match play event between a husband & wife and close friend.

By sponsoring me to take part in the HHH you will be directly helping raise money for Karingal’s ABI programs and help build the new Eastern Hub, which will be the home of the ABI programs. Together these programs will play an important role in creating an inclusive community. Every dollar you invest will help Karingal improve the lives of those who have disabilities, in particular an ABI, and provide important support for their families and carers.

To make a tax deductible donation, please visit http://www.karingal.org.au/…/2016-karingal-hundred-h…/donate? (Please select David or Vicky Thomas)

You can also support this event by coming along the Music to a Tee concert at 13th Beach Golf Links the evening of the HHH. This concert will feature legendary performers The Backsliders, Stephen Cummings, Rod Quantock, The Band Who Knew Too Much, Tim McCallum and more with funds raised from ticket sales also contributing ABI Programs and Eastern Hub.

Importantly, by being at this concert you will help transform the greens into a cheering gallery which will help motivate me as I play my final holes. Tickets are available to this family-friendly event by visiting www.karingal.org.au/foundation/music-to-a-tee .

Together we can make a real difference.

Thank you for your support, David Thomas.

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