2 Months Out, Pre Hike Musings

Afternoon thoughts...

I consider the proper gear set up on a frequent basis. Multiple pairs of socks and shoes are a given, but I wonder about switching between pants vs. shorts, long and short sleeve shirts. Although it is going to be hot, our friends down south will tell you that covering up will be cooler than exposed skin.

All 14 clubs will make it to the course, but I think the day will be accomplished using a half set in a Sunday bag. Doubt I will see much of a drop off in score, but the loss of a few lbs in club/bag weight will be quite nice.

How about tech? I think a tracker/pedometer that can map the trips would be great. I have been asked about a GoPro...not sure how the results would be and I need to look into it. Then there are the GPS shot trackers. Dangerous.

Who's going to live tweet? (Looking around, seeing no one) Hey, maybe I will.

Pledge results are probably what I would have expected at this point. In the much the same way as a sales process in business relationships, the task requires motivation, courage, proactivity, follow up and personal appreciation. Better, more personal results come from picking up the phone, email is great for sharing event details. Still hoping for that one business or donor to exceed expectations.

Engaged in conversations with potential 'sponsors'. This has been an interesting experience as I have not tackled a topic like this in my career. Always fun to sharpen the sword.

Walking 36 holes a week ago was a breeze but I was a tad stiff at the end. Shoes felt heavy at the end, stiff on the soles. In addition to running, most of my hike related gym exercise is on the stair machine. So there ya have it.

When all is said and done, I think I will treat myself to a lengthy therapeutic massage. Yes.

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