144 Holes Later - Some facts on my 100+ Hole Hike at Ballyneal

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June 25th was an epic day for the 9 of us walking 100+ holes at Ballyneal Golf Club in Holyoke, CO. The staff at the club helped set the stage for our success by making sure we had lots of water, gatorade, bars, gels, etc. to get us through the day. Ballyneal also has a great caddie program and they were on hand in force to support the HHH'ers. I cannot thank the staff and caddies enough for their huge part in our success.

I tried to keep as much data as possible to put the HHH into context. A few people told me before the event to "have fun" or "enjoy the day", which was great, but did not quite synch up with the reality of the event. The HHH is the ultra-marathon of golf. It's not 1 round or 2, it's 6 or 8. We are participating in the event to walk/play 100+ holes to raise as much money as possible for great causes. At Ballyneal it was all about grinding and getting linksy.

I did not post any scores below, because I did not focus on it at all. My goal for each hole was a bogey or double bogey, anything better was great, anything more was a time waster. On a par four my goal was to drive it in the fairway, 6 iron near the green, 6 iron runner if necessary, putt it close, putt it closer and putt it in. No gimmes, everything is putt out.

This strategy was predicated on the idea of maximizing speed by removing any club selection quandaries, pre-shot routines, or green reading. I mixed up the tees during the day but tended to play whatever was closest to the previous green, which helped keep the pace up.

Over the 144 holes I had 1 eagle, a handful of birdies, some pars, lots of bogeys and doubles, and some triples and quads when I hit it in a yucca or the gunch off the tee.

My average score for the day was probably around 100. I kept score, but never added it up (and then left the score cards in the shop at Ballyneal - Jim Colton probably has them!).

The weather was very mixed during the Hike. 60s and foggy in the morning with very wet ground, then warmer throughout the day with winds picking up until the temperature reached over 100 in the afternoon with a very hot and dry 20 mph wind that gusted up to 40 mph before calming around 6pm when it started to cool down a bit.

Course Length - 6+ miles
Elevation Gain/Loss per round - 137 feet
Minimum Elevation - 3,747 feet
Maximum Elevation - 3,860 feet

High Temp on the Day - 100 degrees
Low Temp on the Day - 60 degrees

High Wind on the Day - 20 mph with gusts to 40 mph
Low Wind on the Day - 0 to 5 mph

Total Holes - 144
Total Rounds - 8
Total Miles Walked - 50
Teed Off - 450am
Finished - 750pm
Total Hours - 15

Round 1 - 1:35
Round 2 - 1:30
Round 3 - 1:35
Round 4 - 1:55
Round 5 - 1:45
Round 6 - 1:40
Round 7 - 2:00
Round 8 - 2:00

Total - 840 minutes on the course with an average of 7.5 minutes between rounds to get from the 18th Green to the 1st Tee, swap TRUEs or socks, splash some water, re-apply sunscreen and start the walk again.

Our goal is to grow The Hundred Hole Hike into a massive event raising millions of dollars for charity.

My personal goal is to walk 162 holes at Ballyneal during the HHH. 9 rounds of golf in about 16 hours. After this year, I know it's possible with the proper preparation, weather conditions and execution.

Big thanks to my fellow HHH team mates at Ballyneal for the camaraderie and support on the day.

Another shout out to the great staff and caddies at Ballyneal who kept us all upright and moving forward.

And a massive thanks to everyone who pledged to my hike in support of The Evans Scholars Foundation!!!

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