108 Holes. 1000 Memories

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108 Holes. 1000 Memories.

I wasn't quite sure I could do it. 108 holes in 1 day. You may ask why 108, not 100? Well, 6 rounds of golf is 108 holes. That was the thought at least...
I had some apprehension over attempting so much golf in such little time, especially considering I hadn't ever played much more than 36 in one day, let alone over 100. I started by trimming down the weight of my bag while collecting items I thought (and heard) useful for the day-long endurance race to 108. This included 4 golf gloves, 2 pairs of golf shoes, 4 pairs of socks, a couple golf shirts, umpteen granola bars, bodyglide, spray-on suntan lotion, 45spf chapstick, and a pile of ibuprofen. At the end of the day... if I packed it, I ended up using it. I went from the normal 14 clubs down to 8, and it worked out fine.

I was lucky to talk my girlfriend, Jill, into helping me out as a caddie for the day. I knew from other Hiker's experiences that a caddie would be essential to finishing before dusk. We flew down to San Diego on Sunday and stayed near Little Italy with our gracious friends. The Hike Day started early Monday for us. We got up at 4:30 to get to the course in Oceanside by 5:30a.

The course, Goat Hill in Oceanside, I had never played before. On the card, it looked to be an executive-size course with mostly par 3's and 4's, with a lone par 5. 4,500 yards and a par 66, to be exact. Well what it lacks in length it makes up for in undulation. It's called Goat Hill for a reason!

The other golfers joining me were of particular note. John Ashworth, who plays Goat Hill regularly, founded Ashworth Golf Company, a global golf apparel company. He recently founded a new apparel company for golfers called Linksoul. The third Hiker in our threesome, Matt Ginella, is the Senior Travel Editor for Golf Digest/Golf World. His job is writing about golf and travel around the world, as well as overseeing the social media wing of the golf publication.

We first teed it up at 5:50 on Hole 1. We decided to play ready golf, with no practice swings. Just get up, hit, and move forward. We tried to play as fast as possible while still keeping score. We played the first three rounds (54 holes) in about 7 hours, before taking a break. John got us some Thai food catered and we rested for all of 15 minutes. Onward to the last 54...

In the waning moments of sun as dusk settled in at 8:19pm, we finished our 108th hole. It took us 14 and a half hours, covering over 20 miles, while going up and down 3,050 feet worth of hills throughout the hike!

In the end, I played OK and got through it. My feet and body weren't too sore until the next day. I actually kept score and shot rounds of 77-83-74-73-74-77. I had 6 birdies and missed many others with some poor putting. More importantly, I never lost my swing. I never shanked a shot. I played OK up to the final hole, which all three of us parred. Most importantly, I completed 108 holes and in total, raised over $2,500 for Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area! Thank you for all who donated!

Matt, John, and I would have never finished 108 holes without our awesome support group! Thanks to Jill, John, Max, and Bob Stewart at Goat Hill for caddying, ball finding, feeding, watering, and shepherding us along all day! Without you all, we would not have done it.

Linked below is a newspaper article covering our Hundred Hole Hike: