Base Camp

2016 HHH Austalia - 13th Beach Golf Links

Dear friends and family,

Family Friends n' Golf

It has been almost a month since I completed my hundred hole hike at Ballyneal.

We Need Each Other

One week from today I will make my yearly visit to Ballyneal to play my yearly round of golf.

My Hundred Hole Hike for YOC and EORO

In just under 3 weeks, I'll be heading to the Olympic Club in San Francisco, to embark on my first Hundred Hole Hike to raise money for two organizations I hold near and dear to my heart - Youth on

Keepin' it 155


Hello Friends,

Pitching EDGY

Around last Christmas time, I had the book EDGY Conversations: How Ordinary People Can Achieve Outrageous Success by Dan Waldschmidt recommended to me by someone who had interacted with the author

110 Holes Completed!!

Wow, another year has come and gone for my Hundred Hole Hike. This year I was able to best my previous 108 holes by two holes and got in 110!

144 for Lawrence Children's Choir

If you know me well, you may still have no idea how much I love 80s and 90s rap. This year’s Hundred Hole Hike wrap up is inspired by some of my favorites.

The Final Push

Just one week away from my HHH. At this time I wanted to thank all those who have generously donated, as without you, this hike would mean nothing.