Base Camp

A good walk that will be unspoiled...

It was a little over a year ago when I first became aware of the effort, the golf marathon, that Jim Colton was going to undertake at Ballyneal as a way to raise money and assist Ben Cox and Ben's

Remembrance of rounds past

I learned the game of golf from my grandfather, a man walked fast and played faster -- both of which will be essential in trying to slog through 100+ holes in a single day.

A Good Walk

First of all, thank you for visiting the Hundred Hole Hike site.  I am very excited about the event (HHH), organization (One Divot) and, most importantly, the great causes (MS Society, etc).

Enjoying a long walk for great causes

In November, 2011 I had the privilege of presenting Jim Colton with The Walking Golfer of the Year Award on behalf of The Walking Golfers Society.

The Next Level

Welcome to the Hundred Hole Hike! Find out more about the genesis of this event in founder Jim Colton's opening post...

About the Ben Cox 155

There would be no Hundred Hole Hike if it weren't for the Ben Cox 155. Here are some excerpts from last year's event at Ballyneal, taken from my blog,