Base Camp

Pull cart? Carry? .... or Caddy?!?

In order to make it sound more manageable, I've decided to think of 100 holes as ten 9s, plus ten holes.

A Walk Worth Taking...

I'm only 25, but I am able to look back on my life and realize what the single most influential event has been to this point.

Operation Proper Exit

In 2005 Rick Kell, Co-founder and Executive Director of Troops First Foundation, made a trip to Walter Reed Army Medical Center that would change his life.

Once a Caddy, Always a Caddie

Last year watching Jim complete 155 holes last year was so amazing. He set a great example for all of us. I am so glad I will have a chance to be a part of such a great event.

Walking for The Stuttering Foundation of America

I’m thrilled to be able to hike for The Stuttering Foundation of America. Being a stutterer I know the anxiety and shame that comes from this confounding affliction.


Yesterday was productive. I sent out several emails to friends and colleagues about the Hundred Hole Hike and the responses included my first pledges.


I don't think you can ever give enough back to the kids of the world.

A Walk in the Park Part II

Hello all. I'm glad to have another opportunity to support the efforts of Jim Colton and One Divot.

Round 1

I wanted to be a part of the HHH once I learned about the plans for this year.