Base Camp

Hiker Spotlight: Ben Sims

Air Force captain Ben Sims talks to us about his Hundred Hole Hike to support Troops First Foundation

Mobile Hike update

Things are starting to shape up here in Mobile.

One month out and miles to go...

Now that we're one month away and this craziness becomes reality, an actual training regimen is in order. For the next few weeks its spending as much time on my feet as possible.

What a Walk It Will Be

Walking the course while playing is one of my favorite things to do. The things that weigh on the mind take a back seat to the simple joy of playing the greatest game in such a beautiful setting.

First Blog Post

I'm very thankful to have this opportunity to raise donations for the Ronald McDonald House of Mobile, AL. Stay tuned for more exciting views and thoughts about this unique experience.

Got some training to do!

Played a speed round today as part of training. 18 holes, walking, carrying my own full bag. Did not wait. Played in 1 hour 56 minutes. Pretty tired afterward. Got some training to do!

100 Holes for Histiocytosis

I'm Todd Rohrer, owner of The MacKenzie Golf Bag Company.

My Second Marathon

I can't tell you how excited I am to be participating in the Hundred Hole Hike event with fellow golf enthusiasts.

It will be a hike:)

Great to be involved in the 100 Hole Hike with my great pal, Ash!! We will be hiking / charging the Goat only 4,500 yards in length but....there is a reason this course is called the goat!


Yes, training is a necessary evil.