Base Camp

Two weeks and counting!

Training and preparation for my Hike continues, but I've had a bit of a set-back.

A Little Nervous

We are about three weeks out and I have to admit that I am getting a little nervous about this year's hike.

HHH 2017

After taking a year off, I am back attempting a 100 hole hike for 2017.


Ok, so last week I walked 9 holes in an hour fifteen carrying my own bag to see how that would go and it wasn't terrible.

Three weeks to go!

Starting to get more real! I've been attempting to "step up my game" and get my body ready for this endurance event.

Why support the American Cancer Society?

Choosing to support the American Cancer Society for the 100 Hole Hike was a difficult choice. There are so many worthy charities to support... so many organizations that are in need...

I'm Hiking for Peyton!

Meet our buddy Peyton. She is my inspiration this year for participating in my fifth Hundred Hole Hike.

Preparing For My First-Ever Hundred Hole Hike (HHH)

Wow...where to start? Since the beginning of Hundred Hole Hikes back in 2012, I've always wanted to take part in one of these incredible events.

Helping Grow the Outpost Foundation

Last year was the first full year of operations for the Outpost Foundation and it was great to see so many friends give generously of both their time and money to this nascent non-profit.

Back At It For AXYS 2017

It has been nearly sixteen years since our son Ben was born, and almost four years since we learned of his diagnosis of Klinefelter Syndrome, a genetic disorder in which males receive an extra copy